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IT Project Management Services

In Information Technology System our experienced project management team will make sure your technical project is completed to specification on time and on budget. Our project management team have a wide breadth of skills and experience spanning a variety of business sectors and project sizes. As a result we can provide full end-to-end project management services including design, planning, change management, budgeting, and project closure.
While disruptive technologies are a key driver of innovation and efficiency, business priorities change quickly and the customers often struggle to catch up.
IT organizations continually need newer ways to reduce costs and work efficiently while ensuring quality and security. As a result, enterprises are adopting managed infrastructure services and undergoing rapid IT transformations to build business models that adapt to Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Social Collaboration.
To eliminate security concerns when adopting new technologies, businesses also rely on infrastructure security services from managed security service provides. But most managed security service providers do not deliver a complete solution that incorporates both infrastructure security services and managed security services.
We deliver innovative managed infrastructure services, along with managed security services using both cloud and traditional technologies, combined with collective business, technical and industry expertise.

What are the benefits to you?
  • Experience - An experienced team of engineers and project managers that know the nuances of technology projects.
  • Account Management - A central point of contact to manage and coordinate all vendors and service providers.
  • Governance - A technical first team of project managers that understand the importance of proper project and IT governance.
  • Communication - We understand the importance of regular, reliable, and relevant communication as a key factor to the success of a project. ALL IT are continually commended for our level and quality of communication with our customers and project stakeholders.
Project Management Includes:
  • Nation-wide network roll-outs
  • Commercial park network migrations (over 100 businesses and 800 users)
  • Server migrations and upgrades
  • Exchange and email migrations
  • Managed Wi-Fi design and roll-out for private and public use
  • SAN and NAS design and installations
  • Disaster recovery and high-availability solutions
  • Asset management and consolidation
  • IT auditing