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Electronic Automation

Connected Home
The connected home is potentially the next big technology revolution. It could dramatically change many aspects of our daily lives. It is a networked home to which multiple services are delivered over superfast broadband. These connected services range from entertainment to education, home automation and security to healthcare, also called as IoT (Internet of Things) which is a development of the Internet in which everyday home appliances , devices , gadgets and objects will have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.From Smart Appliances like TV , Refrigerator and Lights to Home security devices like Cameras , gas sensor , intrusions to toothbrushes, tennis racquets and even your bed will collect data about how you use them, learn your habits, typically connect to an app and give you feedback to improve your lifestyle.To make the Next Gen superior services available across all your devices inside your apartment, it is necessary to install a home network and make your home a "Connected Home".Discreet leads the Industry in consumer technology connectivity infrastructure solutions for residential properties. Discreet' s broad line of Coalesce Multimedia Residential Structured enclosures and Cable design can house all the equipment that controls distribution of signals coming from outside the home from ISPs, including copper & fiber for CATV, Internet and telephone to any outlet within home.

Residential Converged Infrastructure
The lifestyle of integrated township is becoming popular in recent days which people have also started welcoming for its varied benefits. Integrated township creates an environment of living in a community that is safe, secured and peaceful.Interestingly, some projects that in fact are small standalone residential also end up adding the baseline of integrated township by meeting up the standards.Basically, such integrated townships are constructed aiming towards the concept of connected living with technology playing the most critical role.The increasing demands for residential intensive applications such as Multiapartment IP Video Door Phones, Access Control, Surveillance, Intercom and Intrusion requires a strong cabling infrastructure for such township.Currently for running all these critical application, different cabling standards are deployed with decentralize architecture thereby increasing CAPEX and OPEX.Discreet has a long-standing reputation in successful cabling and technology rollout projects for hundreds of locations nationwide. Our rollout services include Site Surveys, Staging Cabling and Equipment Installations & Staging. Our project team works with you to determine the exact goals & objectives of the project. We develop a Cabling Design and project plan, which includes documentation covering the implementation, as well as the testing and data acquisition required for the project.Our single cable to the apartment architecture gives you benefit of not only terminating for Multiapartment VDP , but the same cable can also deliver Telephone and Broadband services. This cable also serves for the future FTTB deployment (Fiber to the Building).With the popularity of next generation network (NGN), the delivery of Quadruple-play services via IP network is one of the most suitable and cost-effective choices for both service providers and broadband providers via a single infrastructure such as xDSL or FTTX to a large number of residential bases.